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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift is a never ending adventure. We spend most of our lives buying for a whole list of people. The majority of us don't like to shop, don't have time to shop and sometimes just don't know where to start. Now I am here to help you. I love to shop...I own a shop...I love to put ideas together to make something memorable. The perfect gift is not expensive and it is not hard to do. It is simply taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.
Lets start with wedding gifts. It is that time of we can devote weeks to the subject and when you may have to buy several gifts for that special day it makes sense to have a plan. The bridal shower, bachelorette party and finally the wedding. Lets do something besides cash in the card, I love cash don't get me wrong, and maybe that is the best gift, but honestly do you give cash when you don't know what else to do?? I know I have!! I will also show you how to use the gift registries with a twist. You have a great start with those!
Today will be simple. Every new couple either wants new bath towels or needs new bath towels.
If they registered go to that website or store and find what colors they want. If they did not register for towels, look for other bath or bed accessories and that will give you a clue to their preferred color palate. If they did not register go to their home and snoop..this is the fun part. Look in their bathrooms..see what colors they have and then you can easily pick a color for them. If all else fails you can go linen, beige, white or even grey. You can also go big with personality like choosing pink, purple, teal or orange towels.

Now you can buy the bath towels and take them to someone that monograms. This could be someone you know personally or a shop in your town the can and monogram them for you. You can also order personalized towels online. If you are lucky you can find a local shop that can supply the towels for you and personalize them too:) (hint hint)
Now is time for your personal twist on the gift. You can do traditional monograms, just their last initial, his and hers or you can interject a bit of humor or a inside joke. Personalize with Beauty on one towel and Beast on the other or Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right. You get the idea..what every you think will fit them is what you want to put on the towels. The possibilities are endless.

Your first perfect gift advice from Petals. Happy Gifting!!

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